How to Leverage the Next 38 Days

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

You haven’t quite reached your goals (or you want to squeeze in an EXTRA GOAL) before the end of the year.

What now?

Your next steps decide how your year will end. Will it be momentous and worthy of fanfare?

Or will you coast into the new year, fizzling out?

If you follow my work, you know there’s only one option: end the year with a bang... #ZeroExcuses Allowed!

Here’s how to make this year the most successful one yet… in the next 38 days:

1. Make a decision. Identify ONE key goal you will focus on accomplishing during the next 38 days.

2. Assess your resources. What do you need to fill in the gap between where you are and the goal you set? Who do you need to talk to? What do you need to implement? Where do you need to go? Write the answers to each of these questions under the goal.

3. Manage your time. Schedule time to work on your goals. Set your priorities and stick to them. You will need to say "no" more if you want to accomplish your goals. Make the commitment to yourself and keep it.

4. Take Action CONSISTENTLY. Zero Excuses Allowed!! Just do the work. Without action, none of your goals will ever be accomplished. Remember our mantra - "solutions not excuses". Your solution is ACTION!!

5. Re-assess. Set aside time regularly to check your progress and re-prioritize. As you get closer to your year-end goal, you’ll need to shift your plan. If you fail to plan for changes, you plan to fail!

6. Celebrate your successes - no matter how small. You WILL meet your goal when you act consistently and remain focused. WHEN you reach your goals, make sure to celebrate. Reward yourself by celebrating and make it a habit.

That’s it!

Too simple? You may be surprised that almost 85% of us fail to follow through this very straightforward process, even though we know it works!

Decide. Assess. Plan. Action. Re-assess. Celebrate… and write it all down! #ZeroIn

Your purpose is ahead of you so you can't stop now. You’ve got 38 more beautiful days this year. When you take action daily, you guarantee your success.

Here's to your AMAZING year-end celebration for all the goals you'll accomplished!!

You CAN do it!!

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